7dB Antenna Power Coupler 400-900 MHz Power Splitter

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7dB Antenna Power Coupler 400-900 MHz Power Splitter Cavity Directional Coupler Power Divider

The coupler is a component that can distribute a microwave power into several channels in proportion in a microwave system.
Function: Divide the signal unevenly into several parts (called trunk port and coupling port).
Mainly include: directional coupler, power splitter and various microwave branch devices.
These components are generally linear multi-port reciprocal networks, so the microwave network theory can be used for analysis.

Frequency range: 400-900MHz
Coupling degree: 7dB
Insertion loss: ≤1.4dB
In-band fluctuation: ≤ ± 0.6dB
Directionality: ≥20dB
Third-order intermodulation: ≤-120 @ 43dBm * 2dBc
Standing wave ratio: ≤ 1.25dB
Impedance: 50Ω
Power capacity: 100W
Working temperature: 25 ~ 55 ℃
Interface type: N-female
Size: 16.8 * 5 * 1.8cm
Weight: 0.24kg

Standard package:
1* 400-900MHz 7dB Coupler