Antenna HH-N2RS Dual Band UHF/VHF PL259 Connector with Magnetic Mount & 5M Coaxial Cable

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Hot sale HH-N2RS Dual Band U/V 9cm Shortest Antenna Low Profile Phantom 3dBi High Gain Antenna PL259 Connector For Mobile  Car Vehicle Two Way Radio with Magnetic Mount & 5M Coaxial Cable For KT8900 KT8900R BJ-218 TM-218

* Model: HH-N2RS
* Product name:Dual for-band Antenna
* Material:glass fiber reinforced plastics
* Connector Type: PL259 UHF
* Length: approx. 9 cm
* Frequency: 136-174MHz&400-470MHz
* Gain: 2.5/3dB
* Impedance: 50ohm
* V.S.W.R: LESS 1.5
* Max Input Power: 50W
* Color: Red, Yellow, White, Black

Magnetic Mount:
Magnet Base size :9cm
Coaxial Cable Length: 5m RG-58 Cable.
Weight: about 550g
Coax Cable with PL-259/SO-239/UHF Male Connector.
Magnetic Base with PL-259/SO-239/UHF Female Connector.
Package Contents:
1* HH-N2RS Dual Band Stealth Antenna
1* Magnetic Mount with 5M RG-58/U Coaxial Cable (Black)