Coaxial 1 to 2 Way Power Splitter Walkie talkie VHF 136-174MHz 50W N-Female Connector

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1 to 2 Way Power Splitter 50W N-Female Connector Microstrip Two Power Splitter

BTWR211 2-Way coaxial cable connector splitter
Zinc die-cast waterproof integrated housing, good shielding quality
Low insertion loss, high return loss, high isolation
Use up to 2 devices from one RF coaxial cable
Work frequency ranges of 136 to 174 MHz
Only for professional Use
MAX : 50 W RF signal

Model: BTWR211
Frequency: 136-174MHz
Isolation: ≥18dB
Insertion loss: ≤ 3.4dB
Distribution loss: 3dB
Amplitude balance: ≤ 0.2dB
Phase balance: ≤ 5°
Fluctuation: ≤ ±0.2dB
VSWR: ≤ 1.3dB
Large input power: 50W
Impedance: 50 ohm
Working temperature: -25℃ + 55℃
Material: Aluminum alloy shell
Connector: N-F
Dimensions: 123*68*25mm
Weight: 321 grams

Standard package:
1*Microstrip 2 Way Splitter

A power divider is a device that converts input signal energy into two or more ways to output equal or unequal energy.
It can also convert multi channels signal energy into a unidirectional output, so you can also call it a combination.
It must be ensured that the output ports of the power divider are isolated. Radios and other low-frequency equipment used at 136MHz-174MHz.

The power splitter is suitable for most of the mobile communication system engineering projects covered indoors. It can also be regarded as equal distribution of electricity. Its isolation is greater than 18 decibels at useful frequencies, which greatly reduces mutual interference between adjacent areas and optimizes indoor coverage projects.

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