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UV Full Band Walkie Talkie Outdoor Handheld Radio GPS Bluetooth High Power 10w Automatic Frequency Modulation

Handheld Two Way Radio JC-8629 Full Band Frequency Walkie Talkie Automatic Frequency Modulation 10W High Power Ham Radio Built-in GPS Bluetooth Function

1. Support GPS positioning information
2. Support wireless Bluetooth headset frequency writing function
3. 50 sets of CTCSS, 105 sets of DCS
4. Transmission time out
5. Voice encryption (frequency hopping function)
6. 8 steps: 2.5k, 5k, 6.25k, 10k, 12.5k, 20k, 25k, 50k
7. Power saving mode
8. VOX
9. Support scrambling, offline function
10. The channel is busy and the transmission is prohibited
11. Low battery warning, battery voltage display, high and low point forbidden
12. Automatic backlight
13. Three channel display modes (frequency, channel number, channel name)
14. Three scanning methods (time, carrier, search)
15. The frequency difference direction is selectable in frequency mode
16. In frequency mode, the frequency difference frequency can be selected between 0-99.9995MHz
17. Channel parameters can be edited and stored in frequency mode
18. 256 storage channels
19. Emergency alarm
20. Scramble function
21. DTMF code function
22. Support boot interface customization
23. FM Radio
24. Support boot interface customization
25. Computer programming
26. Dual frequency point waiting

1. Large color screen, Large dialog window
2. Compatible with all frequency bands of walkie talkies to achieve free call.
3. One-touch pairing with all walkie talkies to make communication easier.
4. Ham radio demand, dozens of menu functions DTMF 2 tones 5 tones inter-frequency span.
5. Bluetooth programming function, support linking Bluetooth.Support program radio frequency, local user name, personalized channel name and parameter configuration.
6. Special frequency bands for aviation, police, cluster, navigation, and radio are available for selection by relevant departments. (Aviation frequency, police frequency, cluster frequency, navigation frequency, etc.).
7. You can edit every channel name, making it easier to find your own group and others, you do not need remembering other's frequency and channel any more.

How to decode the frequency from another radio: (other radio need to press PTT).
press Menu button and Star button by turns on the keypad to seek the transmit frequency and Privacy code from another radio. then press the Menu button again to store the frequency, the two radios establish the normal communication by using the same frequency and privacy code.

Package Contain:
1* JC-8629 Full Band Radio
1* Antenna
1* Li-ion battery pack
1* Belt clip
1* User’s manual

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Thank you

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UV Full Band Walkie Talkie JC-8629 with GPS Bluetooth Function -SOCOTRAN

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It's very good but the instructions are good in English I need them in Spanish

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all fine, as described.

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all fine, as described.