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Two Way Radio Bag Case for Motorola GP3688 GP3188 EP450 CP150 Walkie Talkie Leather Protective Sleeve Shoulder Hard Holster

The swivel belt loops allow the radio and case to rotate from side to side-providing added comfort for portable users.
Adjustable shoulder straps, suitable both men and women
Hard PU Leather Case with Belt Loop & D-Ring for Non-keypad models
These form-fitting carry cases provide access to radio keys, display, PTT, and side connector while protecting the radio.

1. highlight the distinguished, durable;
2. Belt ring + D-type hook-type clip design;
3. Back clip+Nylon shoulder strap, easy to wear.
Name: walkie-talkie protective cover
Material: PU Leather
Capacity Size: 14x6x5.5cm (For Walkie Talkie the largest size, width 5.5cm, thickness 4cm)
Scope: for Motorola walkie-talkie
Compatible for Motorola Walkies-talkie Models:
for Motorola GP3688 GP3188 EP450 CP150 CP200 CP040 CP140 ...
And other radio in the same size.

Package included:
1 x Protective Sleeve Case
1 x Nylon shoulder strap

The walkie-talkie in the figure is for demonstration only and the package does not contain a walkie-talkie.

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