Net Tracker Fishing Net Locator GPS Marine AIS Net Buoy for Boating RS-107M/ RS-108M

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GPS Marine AIS Fishing Net Tracker/Locator AIS Netsonde/AIS Net Buoy / GPS Marine Net Sonde for Boating SOCOTRAN RS-107M/ RS-108M

SOCOTRAN RS-107M net tracker is installed on the fishing net buoy, and the radio signal sent regularly can display the corresponding coordinates of the fishing net on the ship-borne AIS terminal, so as to reduce the time of net search and fuel consumption.
RS-107M net locator can also warn other ships to avoid fishing nets, reducing unnecessary losses of nets or ships.
The RS-107M network fishing net tracker has a built-in high-power transmitter for 10 nautical miles Information reception range;
SOCOTRAN RS-107M GPS Marine Net Sonde aging-resistant materials are preferred, and the fully-sealed design of the housing can ensure that the equipment can work for a long time in the harsh marine environment.

Long standby time
Small size, easy to install
High-power transmission ultra-long communication distance
High-precision fast receiving GPS positioning
Large capacity battery rechargeable
Humanized charging instructions
Send power information in real time
Send AIS positioning data in real time
Widely used for search, collision avoidance and other purposes
The voltage of the network locator can be displayed on the shipboard AIS interface
Send position information for AIS receiver to display on the chart

Product parameter
Frequency: 161.975MHz/ 162.025MHz
Bandwidth: 25kHz
Frequency interval: 25kHz
Modulation mode: GMSK
Transmitting power: 5W(107M)/ 10W(108M)
Emission current: ≤1.5A(107M)/ 2.4A(108M)
Lithium battery capacity: 3000mAh(107M)/ 4500mAh(108M)
Standby time: ≥15 days
Working voltage: DC 7.4V
Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Dimensions (W×H×D): 88.5×206.7×81mm
Weight: 455g(107M)/500g(108M)
Communication range: About 10 nautical miles
GPS data update time (adjustable): 1~30 minutes, the default setting is 2 minutes.

Programming cable suitable for RS-107 RS-108 RS-109 net locator.
Please contact us to obtain programming software.

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