Two Way Radio 10W UHF 400-480 MHz Ham Radio with LED Hidden View Display SOCOTRAN KL-669

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SOCOTRAN KL-669 Long Range Rechargeable Walkie Talkie 16 Channels Portable Two Way Radio Transceiver

1. High Power
2. Frequency hopping
3. Scramble & Companding
4. LED hidden display screen
5. Write frequency encryption function
7. Alarm function
8. Low power battery warning
9. Manual language selection(English&Chinese)

Package contain:
+ KL-669 UHF Radio  
+ Desktop Charger
+ 6800mAh Li-ion battery pack  
+ Belt clip
+ Antenna
+ Hang Strap
+ User Manual.

KL-669 Walkie Talkies very convenient and practical, you can use it at these Fields:
Restaurant / Coffee shop / Hotel / Supermarket
Gas station / Gym / Security / Station /
Construction site / Firefighting etc.

Function Detail:
●Voice report function
Know the channel you are in when you are working at night or in the dark
●Open the Voice Report
You can operation this function by software Or manual operation.
With the radio off, choose 10 channel. Then, at the same time hold down the[PTT] and [MONI], and power on, to switch Chinese report. With the radio off, choose 11 channel. Then at the same time hold down the[PTT] and [MONI], and power on, to switch English report.
●can add/delete function,
to ensure monitor. You can choose this function on software by computer.
●Low power warning
When the battery is low, the voice prompts “low voltage” every 30 seconds. If the voice announcement is off, it prompts “Drip” three times and the LED indicator flashes red.
●Battery saving
This function can save the battery power when the radio does not signals or on operations. When the channel is not busy or or your didn't do anything after 10 seconds, the function will tums ON.
●Write frequency encryption
The radio have 8 group scramble to choose, you can set it by software.
To improve Signal-noise ratio of the receiving audio( need to set on the software)

We tested this radio, it have special features:
●Strong penetrating power
●long range with Clear voice
●Stylish appearance (good hand feeling)