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RS-35M Marine Radio Transceiver, Handheld IPX7 Waterproof VHF Marine Radio Long Range Marine Walkie Talkie with GPS and MOB Function Built-in DSC For Boats

◆ Lightweight, Slim body & High Performance
The RS-35M VHF handheld radio has the slim (depth: 36mm; 1.4in) body as a floating marine transceiver. Ultra light body (280g /10.15oz with battery,antenna, belt clip; ) convenience while mounting the radio around the waist.
◆ RS-35M VHF Marine Radio with Large LCD, Simple User Interface
The soft buttons on the front panel are well laid out, provide simple and straightforward operation. Built-in 1200mAh lithium-ion battery pack, allows 10 hours (approx.) of long operation. Frequency Range TX:156.000-161.450MHz RX:156.050-163.425MHz
IP67 Waterproof Construction
The water-resistant protection of transceiver means IP67 requirements, can be 3ft/ 1 meter depth in water for 30 minutes. With vibration Water Draining Function, helps drain water away from the speaker housing.
◆ Dual watch/Tri-watch
Dual watch/Tri-watch of rs-35m marine transceiver can be selected in set mode.
Dual watch: Watch and monitor in turns between current channel and Channel 16.
Tri-watch: Tri-watch mode monitors three channels (Channel 16, Channel 9 and the current channel) at once. Easy to access the emergency channel 16 and call the coast guard for help via 16/C button.
◆ Wide Range Coverage
It covers all International, USA, and Canadian marine channels, keeping you with most up-to-date marine activities.
◆ Weather alert
When there are significant weather information, the U.S. NOAA broadcast stations will transmit alarm weather When the weather alert function is turned on, walkie talkies will sound the alarm at the same time " WXALT symbol flashes. During the scan, the current weather channel in use will be scanned. With this function enabled, when weather channel selected WX ALT"icon displayed in the screen.
◆ Squelch Sensitivity
Squelch sensitivity function is activated to enhance noise reduction, avoid noise from affecting squelch.
◆ Power Save Function
The power save function reduces current drain by turning OFF the receiver circuit for preset intervals.

◆ 70 Programmable Channels
◆ Water-resistant protection: IP67(1 Meter Depth for 30 Minutes)
◆ Floats on water
◆ Squelch Sensitivity
◆ Power Save Function
◆ Monitor Key Function
◆ LCD Contrast Setting
◆ Scan Resume Timer
◆ Scan Mode
◆ Beep Tone Function
◆ Weather Alert
◆ Volume Mute Function
◆ Automatic Backlit
◆ Vibration Water Draining Function
◆ Lock Function

General specification
Frequency: TX:156.000-161.450MHz
Type of Emission: FM(16K0G3E)
Frequency Stability: ±10PPM
Battery Pack: 1200mah Li-ion(DC7.4V)
Operating Temperature Range: -20℃~+55℃
Antenna Impedance: 50ohm
Dimensions(H×W×d) : 140mm×65mm×41mm
Weight: 288g(With battery, antenna, belt clip)

Package Content
1* Radio Body
1* Antenna
1* Li-ion Battery
1* Desk Charger
1* Belt Clip
1* Hand Strap
1* User's Manual