SOCOTRAN RS-958 Mobile Car Radio Transceiver 80W High Power Walkie Talkie

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VHF Mobile Ham RadioCar Ham Mobile Transceiver 2 Way Radio Large LCD Screen Display 200 Channel Station

Main features:
* With 80W transmit power output, this FM mobile radio is equipped with a cooling fan and a forced cooling control circuit, which has good heat dissipation performance.
* Weather broadcasts, weather warnings.
* CTCSS, DCS code
* DTMF code
* Support multiple scans and guards
* Automatic communication identification
* Smart search
* 3W high power audio output

General Specification
Frequency Range: 136-174MHz
Number of channels: 200
Frequency stepping: 5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100KHz
Modulation mode: F2D/F3E
Antenna impedance: 50Ω, unbalanced
Frequency stability: ±5ppm
range of working temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Current consumption: Receiving: ≤0.7A;
Launch: 15A(80W) /9A(30W)/5A(10W)/4A(5W)
Dimensions (length*width*height): 187mm*1 60mm*50mm
Weight (single machine): 2.1kg (without microphone)

Transmitter Specification
Output Power: 80/30/10/5W
Max modulation frequency offset: ±5kHz (wide-band); ±2.5kHz (narrowband)
Spurious radiation: ≤-60dB
Modulation distortion: <3%
Microphone impedance: 2KQ

Receiver Specification
Circuit type: Second frequency conversion super hetero-dyne
IF frequency: 21.7MHZ/450KHZ
Receiving sensitivity: ≤0.2uV(12db SINAD)
Adjacent channel selectivity: 12KHZ/30KHZ
Maximum audio power: ≤3W(8)

Package including:
1* Vehicle mount radio
1* Microphone (hand microphone)
1* DC power cable
1* Fuse
1* Mounting brackets
1* Mounting screw package
1* User's manual