SOCOTRAN Walkie Talkie Earpiece SMLN5001 G-Shape Headset 1-wire Earphone

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K/M plug SMLN5001 Two Way Radio Headset G-Shape Headphone 1-wire Earphone with Smiling Face Collar Clip PTT & In-Line Mic for SOCOTRAN SC-600 SC-508 SC-308

This enhanced 1-wire Earpiece features an Collar Clip with an in-line microphone and push-to-talk (PTT),providing transmit and receive capabilities in a stramined,single wire design.
Comfortable for extended wear, this compact and stylish earpiece allows professionals to receive communication discreetly. An easy to access in-line microphone and Smiling Face Style push-to-talk button makes communication effortless. This G-style earpiece is ideal for retail, hospitality and education.

Electrical Specifications for Headphone Section:
Impedance: 8ohms ±15%
Rated Input Power: 0.5W
Max.Input Power: 1W
Sensitivity: 97dB+/-4dB
Electrical Specifications for Microphone Section:
Type: Condenser Type
Impedance: Low Impedance
Sensitivity: -42dB+/14dB
Frequency Range: 100Hz~10KHz
Directivity: 0mini-directional
Operation Voltage: Standard Voltage 1.5V Max. Operation Voltage 10V
Current Drain: Max.05mA

Package Contain:
1× SMLN5001 Earpiece