Telescopic Antenna SMA-Female/Male Connector

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High quality rod telescopic gain Antenna Telescopic Male/SMA-Female Connector UHF 400-470MHz For Baofeng Walkie Talkie Ham Radio UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S UV-9R PLUS

Length: contraction 11cm, stretch when 45cm;
Features: The high-gain telescopic antenna can stretch growth, so the communication distance farther, more clearly;
Scope: all kinds of high-power handsets (note band selection)
Applicable Effect: Enhanced intercom receiver sensitivity, increased exhaled range walkie-talkie. Folding whip antenna to help you effectively increase intercom call quality and limited increase distance calls, allowing you to call clearer, farther distance calls!
This product is suitable for the majority of riders, ALICE, call user environment is complex, and talking big noise intercom users.
Applicable: SMA female applied to Baofeng BF-888S, Baofeng UV-5R, Kenwood, HYT, KIRISUN, You Lier, North Peak, Shing-chuen, Cape Star and other brands of handheld walkie-talkie.

All of our items are brand new.
1. Gain: 2.15dB/3.0dB
2. Connector Type: SMA-F (Female) & SMA Male.
3. Frequency Band: UHF 400-470MHz.
4. Max Power: 15Watts.
5. V.S.W.R: Less than 1.5.
6. Impedance: 50ohm.
7. Antenna Length: 110mm (retracted)/450mm (full length).
8. Net Weight: 25g.

Box Content:
1 * Telescopic Antenna

Due to different frequency walkie-talkie antenna impedance is different, please indicate band walkie-talkie time of purchase, so as to avoid the band mismatch affect the results.
If your radio model is not compatible, please see my other item or email us your model number, then, we will help you find one that suits for you.

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